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Backpacking For Beginners - Starting on an Exciting Journey

There are some things to consider before you start backpacking for the first time. Beginners need to know about backpacking equipment, gear, supplies and essentials.

Backpacking can turn into a horrifying experience if you're not prepared with the basics.

Backpacking can be done in either urban areas or in the wilderness or a mixture of both and the requirements of backpacking equipment and gear are different as well as the planning.

Common tips for Beginners

There are some backpacking tips that apply to both the wilderness and civilization.

Here they are:

* Break in your hiking boots by taking them for short hikes.
* Test your backpack clothing to check if they'll be comfortable for you by using them on short hikes. Fully load your backpack with all you need for the backpacking trip and take them on short hikes to test for comfort and to find out which of the straps does a better job in distributing the load.
* Test and learn how to use your camping equipment including camping stove, water filter, camping tents, GPS, altimeter and headlamps.
* Get your body in shape because backpacking can get very nasty if you're not fit.
* Travelling light is oftentimes much more enjoyable than having too much on your backpack.

Backpacking in Urban Areas for Beginners

Traditionally, backpacking is a cheap way to get from one place to another. It involves more than just walking and hiking.

Historically it's a cheap form of travel. Though it is an enjoyable experience, it's more of an education than a vacation.

You're likely to experience a lot more of the important stuff when you're backpacking than when you're just using some kind of modern transportation.

An hours' travel by car can mean a whole day or like 2 or more if you're backpacking but a backpacker also experiences a lot more. Backpackers see a whole lot more than the normal tourist. They mingle with local people and witness what real life is really like at a certain place. It's like you're living there for some time.

There is a sense of community as you stay in a backpacker's hostel or lodge where you'll meet other like-minded individuals sharing the rooms, kitchen, toilet, lounge are, etc.

Backpacking is about travelling with a small budget and to avoid the risk of theft backpackers don't usually carry expensive electronic equipment.

The rising trend is backpacking with a big budget, staying in lavish accommodations and carrying expensive equipment such as laptops and PDAs especially for young generations to satisfy their need to stay connected.

Backpacking in Rural Areas or the Wild

In some places, having a big budget doesn't help. Small villages and towns may not be able to offer lavish accommodations other than the backpacker's hostel and sometimes not even that equipment such as laptops and blackberries may be rendered useless especially in you are backpacking in the wilderness.

Backpacking Gear

The initial cost can be quite high if you are backpacking in the wild especially you are hiking and camping as camping equipment like sleeping bags (especially down) and camping tents can get quite expensive.

Backpacking, for beginners, also requires a lot more preparation and research. Care should be taken in preparing equipment and you need to test it out and learn how to use them.

The most important backpacking gear is your hiking boots. It's important that your hiking boots are comfortable so having a perfect fit in the first place and breaking them in later is crucial.

The best way to break in your hiking boots is to take on short hikes with a full load. At the same time it's a good time to test your hiking/camping/backpacking gear including your backpack.

See if your clothing is too hot or too cold for you or if they pose any other problems like 'riding up' and rubbing against your skin.

Test your backpack whether they're comfortable or not. Try all the straps and identify which ones help distribute the load better.

Take your backpacking equipment a gear testing not just on smooth walkways but also on uneven ground going uphill and downhill to maximize testing. This will also toughen up your feet and reduce the chances of blistering when you go for the real trip and at same time improves your strength and fitness which is crucial for a good backpacking trip.

Learn and practice how to use all of your hiking and camping equipment so that you are more prepared for less than ideal situations.

Use a camping list or camping checklist and pack your hiking/camping gear and equipment early so that you can make sure that you don't miss any backpacking essentials including the first aid kit, personal medicine and safety and emergency equipment.

Pack heavier equipment close to your body so as to avoid your load from pulling away and make the backpack feel heavier than it is. Rain gear and a waterproof enclosure containing extra layers, gloves and hat should be kept at the top of your backpack where it is easily accessible.

Your clothing and sleeping bag should also be in a waterproof enclosure so that it stays dry even when your backpack is underwater.

Other things that need to dry include electronic equipment like laptops, cameras and camcorders, personal essentials such as toilet paper and daily essentials like snacks, compass, pocket knife, maps and guidebooks, sunscreen and insect repellents. Pack these in the outer pocket of your backpack as you are likely to use them more.

Water bottles should be kept upright and should be easily accessible as well. Your camping tent can strapped to the outside of your backpack including the tent poles.

The first aid kit should be kept where the contents can be secure yet is still easily accessible.

For beginners, choosing which camping food to bring could be a problem. Unfortunately the best way to determine which kinds of food is right for you to bring camping or backpacking is by trial and error. Take some advice here and there and see if it works for you.

To be safe, base your decisions on taste, nutritional value, weight, ease of preparation and packaging. A favorite among hikers and backpackers are dehydrated food which are light, have good nutritional value and also taste good.

Hiking has been long considered as one of the most effective ways to increase your fitness and it can be grueling.

Good preparation of backpacking equipment and gear and researching the place where you're going to explore as well as keeping yourself in shape will help you go through the expedition with minimal problems.

At the same time backpacking can be highly satisfying so if you're thinking of going backpacking, do it, it can be the most memorable days of your life.


LED Flashlights: Being Prepared For A Winter Hiking Adventure

Winter hiking can be a tranquil even surreal experience when done properly. The peace of walking through cold and wintry scenes captured in the outdoors is considered by many to be a great way to spend a day. Additional precautions are needed when hiking in the winter, however, as winter weather can create a number of issues not typically a problem in the summer. It is important to protect yourself from both colder temperatures and potential winter hazards this time of year. Making sure that you have the right equipment for your hike and taking extra time planning so that you can avoid many potentially dangerous situations are important to winter hiking safety.

Essential Equipment

Proper equipment is a winter hiking essential. Your biggest priorities are going to be making sure that you have light and warmth when you need it, as well as food and water to keep you from becoming dehydrated or hungry. A basic multipurpose tool or a pocket knife is important for any hiking situation. A small first aid kit is too. LED flashlights are the smartest choice for a light source. They use very little energy (batteries) and therefore will last much longer than a standard light. Pack both thermal blankets and chemical heat packs to ensure that you and your companions will be able to stay warm enough if caught out in unexpected bad weather. If you'll be camping during your hike, invest in a sleeping bag that's designed to keep you warm in low temperatures. Make sure that you pack all of the necessary equipment that you would bring in warmer weather, and be sure that you put an extra emphasis on safety and first aid.

Careful Planning

When you're planning your hiking trip, take extra time to plan out your route. Do your research and see if you can find out about any safety advisories in the area where you want to hike, and adjust your equipment list as needed to accommodate for any special circumstances that you might encounter based on these warnings. If you're planning a multi-day hiking trip, you might want to have an LED flashlight that has a lantern function as well so that you can illuminate larger areas with it. Begin watching weather reports several days in advance of when your trip is planned for so that you can make any necessary adjustments to your plans. Once your plan is set, make sure you notify two to three people of your expected route and plans for return so they can alert the proper authorities if you do not return as scheduled.

Being Mindful of Temperature

Temperatures often drop quickly during the winter, and it can be very easy to underestimate the effects of these temperature shifts. You must also be mindful of the amount of sweat that your body can produce even in cold weather, as it can not only lead to you having wet clothes and skin in cold weather but you can also be in danger of dehydration. Quickly dropping temperatures can increase your likelihood of becoming sick and can also put you at risk for hypothermia. Because of this, in addition to any blankets or heat packs that you bring, it's important that you dress appropriately for the projected temperatures on the day or days that you'll be hiking. Dress in layers and bring extra shirts, jackets, pants, or other clothing that can be added with relative ease if necessary.

~Ben Anton, 2008


How To Choose a Travel Backpacking Backpack

If you backpack around the world you might want to consider a travel backpack that's also suitable for backpacking. External frame backpacks are too bulky to fit the luggage compartment.

Choosing a travel backpack wont be like choosing just another luggage because your backpack will also be your home. It holds your tent, clothes, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, stove and more.

You have to remember that your pack will also get a lot of rough treatment whether at the airport or on the trail. It'll be exposed to the sun, rain, dust and get tossed on, under, and around all kinds of planes, trains, and busses. You might also have to balance between toughness and features and easy access. Choosing a travel backpack requires some thought.

A travel backpack can either have wheels or not. If you're a lightweight backpacker you won't want any wheels on your pack but if you pack heavy you would really appreciate wheels on your backpack that you can use on smooth surfaces at the airport.

How you load your pack is also an important consideration. Internal frame backpacks can either be top loading or front loading with multiple access points. I would recommend the latter because you're likely to need something in your pack which could be buried deeply. If you use a top loading backpack you would have to take out everything to get a hand on that thing you need. The advantage of top loading backpacks is that there's no risk of zipper failures.

Try to choose a backpack that has multiple pockets where you can store anything that will need quick access. This is useful for cameras, passports, first-aid kit, snacks and more. Depending on the activity you might also need some loops for ice axes, skis, etc.

The capacity of the pack is also another important consideration. There's a limit to the size of your pack for carry-ons on international flights. A pack with a capacity around 4500-5000 cubic inches works well.

Some internal frame backpacks today come with adjustable torso lengths, which is a cool feature if you're too lazy to measure your torso to get the right fit or if you intend to share the backpack with your brother. You can also choose how the torso length is adjusted. Some are easier to adjust than others but since you're only going to do this once or twice or until you get the right fit, it's not really necessary especially if it comes with extra costs.


Buying a Rolling Laptop Bag - What Should You Look For?

A rolling laptop bag may be ideal for you if you need to carry around a lot of equipment in addition to your laptop. If you have difficulty carrying a laptop bag on your shoulder you may also want to consider a rolling laptop bag. These types of bags are similar to suitcases with wheels and have an extendible handle to make it easy to pull them around. They are usually well made and durable and although they are may be slightly more expensive than other laptop bags it may be worth spending a little more for the extra convenience.

What to Look For When Buying a Rolling Laptop Bag

One of the most important things when buying a rolling laptop bag is to make sure that it keeps on rolling! You need to check that the wheels are sturdy and made from reinforced plastic or metal. If they look flimsy or their attachments to the bag looks inadequate they will not last very long as wheels can be easily damaged. Have a look at the extendible handle and make sure that this is sturdy as well. Most handles for rolling laptop bags are made from aluminium which is lightweight and tough. Check that it does not look flimsy as it will soon break in use. A simple button is usually used to extend and retract the handle.

The laptop bag should have a well padded compartment for your laptop and extra compartments for your accessories and other equipment. As you are buying a rolling laptop bag to carry extra weight make sure it is big enough for any other things you need to carry around, such as books, papers, calculators etc. Make sure that the padding for the laptop compartment is adequate and the sides are made of stiff material for extra protection. Rolling laptop bags are usually heavier than regular laptop bags so you may want to buy a lighter bag for times when you do not need to carry so much or when you are only travelling short distance.

Rolling laptop Bag Prices And Designs

Prices for rolling laptop bag start at around $100 and can be as much as $250 for a designer bag. They come in all sorts of designs including messenger type laptop bags and bags especially designed for women. They also come in a range of sizes some large enough to accommodate a 17 inch laptop.


Rolling laptop bag may be ideal for you if you have difficulty carrying around a regular laptop bag or if you do a lot of travelling. Be careful when you choose one to make sure that it is large enough for your needs and sturdy enough to last for a long time. Also ensure that it has enough padding to protect your laptop at all times.


Products for You and Your Child: Stylish Backpacks for Kids and Google Glass Accessories Under One Roof

If you're a Google Glass Explorer and have got children in your house, this roundup is just the one made for you. This is because apart from featuring fancy Google Glass Accessories that are doing good rounds in the market among Project Glass Users, the roundup also features some of the coolest Backpacks for Kids. Two totally different areas of shopping merged in one for the techspirational lot. Incase you were already looking for some gift ideas in either of the two categories, scroll down for gathering more information. Presenting some of the latest Google Glass Accessories and Backpacks for Kids together:

Google Glass Accessories:

Google Glass Decal Accessory

This set of Galaxy decals makes your Google Glass camera, touchpad and battery depict a scene from the galaxy in a purple color mode. The skin has been made out of 3M high-quality vinyl which can easily adjust to any kind of shape or contour.

Wetley GGRX Prescription Frame for Google Glass

Made as an ideal prescription frame for Explorers who wish to wear Glass as a set of glasses instead of just a head-mounted display. Your Glass will fit onto the frame within five seconds and once done, it'd be all set for daily use.


It's a stunning tracker for all your valuables that both looks great and is extremely functional at the same time. But when paired with Glass, the entire system of Bringrr's operability becomes even more magical.


To have a separate power bank for your Glass seems like a great idea and that's exactly what GazerG is into producing. With their extended battery providing 3 times more energy than standard Google Glass battery, you'd be able to enjoy an overall power bank with 4 times energy in total.


It's a set of 3D printed unique lens cover and other fun accessories (such as pencil holder, wearable planter, display shield) for your Glass that makes using it even more fun. Each accessory has a special use of its own and that's what makes the entire set a complete collection of real cool stuff for Glass explorers.

Backpacks for Kids

3D Cartoon Flat Backpack

It's stylish, gorgeous and most importantly durable for the fashion forward generation we have today. Coming in vibrant colors and a flat design, you can create a style of your own with this cute and newly concepted backpack.

The Spongebob Ninja Pants Backpack

It's been inspired from Sprayground's original "Ninja's Got My Back" backpack series which features Spongebob in a more ninja like way. The front panel of the bag shows Spongebob with a ninja mask, having only his eyes and pointed nose exposed for the world to see.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Backpack by Sprayground

Featuring TMNTs wearing bright bandanas and showing a shining gold tooth, these backpacks are available as Donatello, Michelangelo, and Raphael. Every character gets featured following a unique design that can suit a modern teenager's funky lifestyle.

American Flag Backpack by American Apparel

It comes with a main compartment zipper closure and a front zipper pocket, the design of which resembles the American Flag print from every angle. The bag is a 100% cotton construction with a nylon zipper closure that makes the entire piece a comfortable fit for everyday use.

Sprayground X Spongebob Sharkpants Backpack

The backpack has been designed entirely on this renowned cartoon character which is truly a favorite for those who have special liking for Spongebob.


Benefits Of The Swiss Gear Backpack That You Will Give pleasure

Swiss Gear has been making quality backpack for a few years now that are built to accommodate the lifestyle and desires of any individual. These baggage are very versatile and are excellent whether or not you propose to use them for enterprise purposes or if you want them to hold your books for lectures. The following are simply among the additional advantages you'll get pleasure from with a Swiss Gear backpack.

Perhaps one of the best features that make these backpacks an excellent choice is the quality in which they are made as they are built to be reliable and durable. Most models are also built with water proof components that help to ensure that the insides are kept dry. This is rather beneficial as the last thing you would want is for your books or your laptop to get wet as this could cause damage to them.

There are also those bags that are able to securely strap your notebook computer in place while also providing sufficient padding to ensure that it is well protected. No matter which Swiss Gear backpack you purchase, these usually come with several pockets. These quick access compartments are rather convenient if you want to keep your accessories separate from your books or laptop.

Before you buy one of these for yourself, just be sure to take the size into consideration which will obviously depend on your needs. Most models are able to accommodate 15 inch widescreen laptops and there are those that are able to fit 17 inch notebooks. So if you plan on carrying your computer with you, just be sure that you choose the correct size accordingly.

Studying product evaluations on-line will certainly allow you to with your purchase so you realize precisely what to anticipate quite than simply settling down on the primary one you see. The number of compartments will also vary relying on which one you choose but most allow for simple entry to these pockets. That is relatively beneficial for numerous causes as you can carry a lot more equipment with you.

Maybe the best part about these backpacks is that they are very a lot affordable and might easily last for several years without having to be replaced. With that said, your purchase is backed by a lifetime warranty from the producer which just goes to show the corporate's commitment to delivering quality products. Whereas a few of these baggages might be dear, they are undoubtedly worth the investment.


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